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The team trains twice a week at Simon Langton Boys School in Canterbury and welcome new players to come and watch a session or join in to see if you want to be a part of the club.

We provide the main equipment (Helmet and Shoulder pads), but new players will need to provide their own sportswear, gum shield, and boots.

In the space of just 5 years the Mavs Under 17s program has had huge success on and off the field: Winning games, seeing players progress and develop athletically and academically, and making great friendships.

The Mavericks Under 17s team compete in the Division 1 South East Conference.

We have a coaching staff committed to developing players to the highest possible standard so that they are able to compete at elite levels not just across the UK but globally

The success of the EKM U17 team has come from the foundation that the Coaches Russ Jacques and Ray Allen started back in 2015. With the return of EKM alumni Joe Christian and now Gareth Wells joining the coaching staff, we will continue that tradition of winning and take EKM to the next level of success:  Developing our players to receive scholarships to further continue their education and compete at the highest levels.