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As the Mavericks continue to grow we welcome new players to come and try out the team and try the game.

American Football is suitable for people of all sizes and builds and the Mavericks are always recruiting for new players. If you are interested in playing visit the contact us page and arrange to come down for a taster session

The Mavericks Over 19s team compete in Division 2 of the British American Football League.

Formed in 2005 the Mavericks played its first season in 2006. In just a few years the Mavericks asserted themselves as one of the premier teams in the South East and one of the top sporting organisations in the East Kent region.

In the past 14 years, the team has seen 4 players selected for the National side the Great Britain Lions, and a number of players selected to represent the Great Britain team at the university level.

New players are welcome to attend training and learn more about the game, we don’t expect new players to have previous experience.

Division One South and Central Champs!
Another Big season for the Mavs saw the team win Division One South and Central and earn promotion to the BIG LEAGUE! The British premiership!
Mavs win D2 South East
In 2009 Glenn Lindley stepped into the role of Head Coach and led the team to an 8-1-1 season and saw the team crowned Division 2 South East Champions
The Mavericks are born
In 2005 Chairman Glenn Lindley joined forces with Coach Bob Mathews and formed the Mavericks. The first season saw the team lose every game but set the foundation for what would become a successful football program.
The "Mavericks" are formed
In 2003 Glenn Lindley formed the Invicta Coyotes 9 man flag team. The Coyotes won the Souther Flag Conference in 2003 and 2004 and on both occasions fell one step short of being crowned national champs