Pre Lockdown 5 Mavericks under 19s players had the honor of being selected for the Great Britain national team. We asked them about their experiences.

Chick- I have been with the Mavs for 2 years playing Cornerback
“My GB experience was amazing. We learned how to be a better cornerback with tackling and covering techniques which I didn’t know before. Everyone was highly skilled at the GB camp which brought an intensity to the atmosphere. Everyone at the camp had the same aspirations of getting to the NFL which made the camp 10x better.”

Elliot – I have been with the Mavs for 3 years playing Defensive Line
“My GB experience we very good as I learned new things that I never knew and that really help me develop into the player that I am today. Also, I was quite proud to be playing for the national team as well. But there was a downside at some points it was all very different to Mavs training were we follow a structure and run more individual drills which made things much more difficult but all in all, I was a good experience and I made some good memories for it as well.”

PJ- I have been with the Mavs for 3 years playing receiver
“Great Britain Juniors was a fun program to be apart of. All players were fun to be around and were always competing and trying to show the team that they were the best at their position, the coaches were also very supportive and held a lot of knowledge on the game to help me on my craft. Overall it was an exciting experience even the stay obviously choosing the right accommodation.”

Aston – I have been with the Mavs for 6 years playing receiver and cornerback